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I offer heart-led healing sessions and mainly work on the soul level.

I'm happy to determine a healing package customized to your individual needs and answer any questions you might have. 


I speak English, German, Swiss-German, and some Spanish.

For questions or to book a session please contact me at

Kindly read the cancellation and rescheduling policy prior to booking a session. 


I offer: 
- Spiritual guidance 
- Shamanic journeys 
- Power animal retrievals 
- Entity extractions 
- Soul retrievals

- Chakra cleansing 
- Space energy clearings

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1 hour 30 mins



For more info click here

Groups: $30 per person

1-on-1 session (1 hour): $175


I channel:
- Souls of deceased loved ones

- Souls of alive loved ones
- Divine spirit guides
- Spirits of nature

- Energies of animals
- Energies of spaces
- Anyone who wants to show up for you

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1 hour



For more info click here

Groups: Online $30 per person, in person $40 per person 

1-on-1 session: Online $75, in person $85

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