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I channel

  • Souls of deceased loved ones

  • Souls of alive loved ones

  • Divine spirit guides

  • Spirits of nature

  • Energies of spaces

  • Anyone who wants to show up for you

Please be aware that a connection can't be forced. 

We will have a live session during a medium reading and you can ask questions while I’m channeling. 

For questions or to book a session please contact me at

Kindly read the cancellation and rescheduling policy prior to booking a session. 

What is a Medium? 

Mediums rely on the presence of non-physical energy outside of themselves to receive information relevant to the person being read. Their role is to make connections with and deliver messages from spirits such as those who have died, spirit guides, angels, etc. to those who are alive. A medium acts as the go-between for this side and the other.

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